Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 24/365


I spent ALL day today cleaning and purging in our middle room. Toys were everywhere. It was a painful process, but now all of the games, puzzles, etc. are organized and on the shelves. (For now anyway.)

Day 23/365


We woke up this morning to a refrigerator with an internal temperature of 75 degrees. We had to clean everything out and call the repair man. Luckily, it was a quick and relatively cheap fix. And at least the fridge is nice and clean now.

Day 22/365


I’m really sick of winter at this point (although the snowflakes ARE pretty when looked at individually).

Day 21/365


There’s nothing like a demented looking child to brighten your day. LOL!

Day 20/365


Amazing things happened today. I think everyone’s excited about the change.

Day 19/365


What better way to have fun in the snow, then to dig yourself a hole and sit in it?

Day 18/365


Today was the AFC Championship game so Hannah made herself a hat to wear. LOL!

Day 17/365


We all went to the Beaver Run Rod and Gun club tonight to celebrate Tommie’s 18th birthday tomorrow.

Day 16/365


The girls slept over at Grandma’s tonight, so I had a lovely dinner of organic ramen noodles. LOL!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 2 Layouts for Project 365

Here’s one of my layouts for week 2.

Week 2_Jan 8 to 14

I really like the way week 1 and week 2 look next to each other (which is how they’ll be in the photo book I plan on printing at the end of the challenge).

Week 1_Jan 1 to 7Week 2_Jan 8 to 14

I also decided to use the free downloads from Becky Higgins to make layouts each week that allow me to make the photos a bit bigger and journal a bit more. Here are my first two weeks:

Week1_Jan1_7 Week1_Jan1_7b

Week2_Jan8_14 Week2_Jan8_14b

Day 15/365


When I got home from work tonight, our friend, Huber was here at the house. One thing with Huber, when he’s here, the beer (and the laughter) flows freely.

Day 14/365


One of the moms from Grace’s brownie troop is great at sewing things. She asked if I wanted her to make Grace & Hannah little aprons, so of course I said yes! She gave them to us tonight and both girls LOVE them!

Day 13/365


The new season of American Idol started up tonight. It’s one show that we ALL love to watch together.

Day 12/365


Both girls had book reports due tomorrow in school, so we spent some time working on those tonight.

Day 11/365


Tonight, we watched the Steelers win their first playoff game, getting them one step closer to the Superbowl!

Day 10/365


We got to play outside in the snow for a bit today.

Day 9/365


In the mail today, I received the My Mind’s Eye journalling tags I ordered last week. I’m SO excited! I don’t paper scrap anymore, but I’m going to use these to create some mini photo albums. :)

Day 8/365

ACK! I know I haven’t posted these since the 7th, but I HAVE been taking my photos. Just craziness here at home and at work, and haven’t had the time to blog. So let’s catch up, shall we?


The girls playing Webkinz on the computer a bit before bed.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Week 1 Layout

My layout for week 1 of Project 365. TOTALLY not my usual style of scrapbooking at all. I never do graphic/clean layouts like this. But for this project, I decided I really wanted it to be more about the photos than the “stuff” around them, so I kept it simple. :)

Week 1_Jan 1 to 7 []

Day 7/365


Day 6/365


Day 5/365


Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 4/365


My 7-year-old, Gracie.

Day 3/365


I REALLY wanted my tree out of our house and Steve wasn’t here to help drag it out. So I found one of his hand saws and cut it branch by branch to carry it outside. LOL!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1


And here we go again…

We’re going to try this again this year. Last year, I got all the way until the end of March before life got in the way and I stopped taking my photos every day. But I’m really determined to make it all the way through this year. So let’s give this a whirl…