Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 55/365


No really good photos today. But the girls played with Legos tonight, and this was Grace’s creation.

Day 54/356


Steve put a new doorknob on our backdoor today. It’s the little things…

Day 53/365


The girls have been sleeping together in Grace’s bed for a good year and a half now, but had started asking for their own beds. So we brought Hannah’s twin bed back down from the attic and set it up in the other corner of Grace’s room. They were both really excited to have their own beds, and this marks the first time EVER that Grace is willing to sleep in a bed without someone else.

Day 52/365


Grace was at a friend’s house all day today, so Hannah and I got to hang out. It was a little bit warmer than it’s been lately, so we spent hours outside playing soccer, playing baseball, and getting some fresh air.

Day 51/365


I picked Grace up at school and took her for her checkup at the dentist. No cavities again! WOOHOO!

Day 50/365


I “refound” an old pair of my jeans today. They used to be my favorite pair last year and I totally forgot I had them until I looked at an old photo of me wearing them. They still fit! Yay!

Day 49/365


This is Hannah’s “Soshee” (she couldn’t say “Silky” when she was little). She sleeps with Soshee EVERY night and gets very upset if we can’t find him. I’ll be sad when she finally stops carrying him around.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 48/365


While we were at the mall getting Grace’s glasses on Saturday, Hannah finally decided to get her ears pierced. She picked a little blue pair and I think she looks so pretty! She didn’t even flinch when they pierced them!

Day 46/365


Today we went to Garrett’s birthday party at Bounce U. Hannah was too short to reach the basketball net, so Daddy had to lift her up to shoot it.

Day 47/365


Grace wanted a “cool” case for her glasses, so I used my digital scrapbooking supplies to make her something. Then I printed it out, ModPodged it on the red case, and added some red glitter. She LOVES it! :)

Day 45/365


Today, Gracie got her first pair of glasses. Luckily, she thinks they’re cool and everyone thinks she looks fantastic in them!

Day 44/365


I went to the hairdresser today and had my hair dyed a dark auburn. I’m loving it for now!

Day 43/365


Hannah took this one. She said she wanted a picture of the all of the artwork currently on the refrigerator.

Day 42/365


Hannah sat down and made this for me all by herself. She used a feather, some googley eyes, glue, and some of her other craft supplies. She says the black stuff is its hat, but I think it totally looks like a ‘fro and it cracks me up. It could possibly be the cutest little craft project EVER! LOL!

Day 41/365


Hannah’s been REALLY into taking pictures with my camera, and today, she wanted one of herself in the mirror. She can use the camera on auto by herself just fine, but since we didn’t want the flash to go off in the mirror, I had to stand behind her and help her take it in one of the manual modes.

Day 40/365


Hannah threw up once last night, so she took a sick day from school today. She spent the majority of the day coloring and drawing pictures, and felt fine by noon.

Day 39/365


Today, my parents and I took the girls to a new kids’ place with an arcade, 2 big indoor climbers, etc. The girls had a blast and it was fun to watch them play.

Day 38/365


Today was much warmer than usual (for us anyway), so we went outside and got some fresh air for a few hours.

Day 37/365


I decided it was time for a new profile picture on the sites I’m on, so I snapped a few self-portraits today.

Day 36/ 365


Today after school, we cranked up my new Eric Hutchinson CD and just danced for an hour. We had a blast! :)

Day 35/365


Today at her Daisy meeting, Hannah became an official Girl Scout Daisy. She was so excited to get her vest and patches! (She’s the shortest one in the brown pants. LOL!)

Day 34/365


I’m so proud of the girls’ report cards! Grace got straight A’s again and Hannah got all S’s and O’s (they don’t get letter grades in kindergarten).

Day 33/365


I finally had a chance to play around with the remote control for my camera that I bought a few weeks ago.

Day 32/365


We all donned our Steelers gear and watched Pittsburgh win the Superbowl tonight! WOOHOO!

Day 31/365


Hannah drew this in preparation for tomorrow’s Superbowl game. It’s supposed to be Steve yelling “Go Steelers!” LOL!

Day 30/365


I had to take Grace to the medical center today after school because she’s been sick. She was diagnosed with strep, so she’s on a round of antibiotics.

Day 29/ 365


Steve used his skid loader to “build” the girls a sledding ramp. I think he had as much fun on it as they did! LOL!

Day 28/365


Snow day today! So we spent a lot of the day in our jammies playing board games.

Day 27/ 365


Had to make the drive into the office today. 70+ miles one way. Blech.

Day 26/ 365


A drawing my good friend, Jen Wilson, (yes, the Jen Wilson of Jen Wilson Designs) drew of our family. I think it’s awesome, so I printed it out, framed it, and put it on our bookshelves.

Day 25/365


Some pictures Grace drew when she was only 3 or 4. They still make me smile every time I look at them.